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UH OH new dollmaker. In order - Birgitte, Tuatha’an girl, Sea Folk Windfinder & Master of the Blades, Tylee Khirgan & Selucia, damane & sul’dam

Do it. Strike the life from her.

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The Wind that Shakes the Willow from Wheel of Time from 

Download mp3 here: anon325.bandcamp.com/

This is me singing/playing a tune from the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. i used extended lyrics by reflectionsofsound. i used scenes from Disney movies to portray some of the relationships in the books.

Belle=Min Farshaw
Pocahontas=Aviendha (pretend she has red hair ok :P)
Odette=Elayne Trakand
(trying to show them all feeling Rand through the bond)
Balto=Perrin Aybara haha
Mulan=Faile Bashere
Jasmine=Nyneave al’Meara […]
Shang=Lan Mandragoran

(Note: I deleted some of their description because it contained spoilers concerning Nynaeve)


Finally dear listeners; Today is the 10th of February.
Our debut album is fully out now. Enjoy !!!
Considering the reason we postponed the release was due to the Gezi Park resistance, we better launch it with Gezi indeed. And so; “Spring of War” is here, for the records…

And here is the Vimeo link, just in case you cannot view on Youtube.


Digital Illustrations by Artem Cheboha

Russian based CGI artist and painter Artem Cheboha creates beautiful illustrations. 

(Kaynak: rhads.cghub.com, alexleefitz gönderdi)


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